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 Yea,am so sure that you've heard the phrase " inferiority complex " many times before right? When you see a man who attends a union meeting, or a gathering of a particular association and refuses to give his opinion, expecting that someone else is better off expressing it,what would you call him? If a little boy sees a fellow child and begins fidgeting what would you say is his problem? Inferiority complex!
Simply put,inferiority complex is when someone feels he is not up to a task,he is nobody, or he is not worth doing any task well. An inferiority complex reduces the self worth of  person,making one to feel very little, and incapable.

From the above statements,we could deduce that inferiority complex comes from ones inner self and not from outside. This simply means that someone somewhere you,and I   develop inferiority complex within ourselves. God bless the woman whose words I shall borrow to realize the meaning of this context, Eleanor Roosevelt. She says: "No one can make you feel inferior, except yourself "! So,why would a pretty, a full grown person, full of energy and some full potentials of your kind make yourself feel little, cheap and minor? The truth is that, anyone with inferiority complex always feels like he is not able to meet or measure up to a particular task,not because he is not knowledge about the task,or does not have the skills and quality, but he lacks the moral and courage to do so. Therefore, the problems are: you ,lack of morale, and courage. Read more :Few simple ways to handle intimidation

Can we say that giving a learner roles to play with a master is inferiority complex? No! It is not. Feelings inferior tells us that we can not be as good as others no matter who or what we are . Inferiority complex is feeling of inadequacy without any rational bases or judgement.SOLUTIONS TO INFERIORITY COMPLEX

If you ever feel inferior to someone else, be specific about it,and ask yourself: who am I inferior to? In  what way am i inferior to this person? Financially? Academically? Socially? Just get down the root of the reasons and again ask, in what ways am I superior to this person? Start counting your edge over him and conclude by asking," does this person actually feel inferior to me"? If the answer is " no" that he doesn't feel inferior to you,despite your advantages over him,then,you would have been,of all your kind,the most pitied!
No one on earth has everything it takes to be happy, so,dear ones,do not let yourself cheap if you lack in your own way!

Dearest reader,is there is nothing as injurious to ones personality as inferiority complex, and it is an injurious abuse!!

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