Saturday, 21 January 2017

Is abortion murder?-abortion drugs,abortion among teenagers,abortion belt,

You see,the question of abortion being  murder or not,has recently become a base argument especially in the Western world. In Africa, abortion is equal to killing. There is no difference between one who commits abortion and the other who has
killed someone. In the Western world however, before one talks about abortion being murder or not,one has to confirm the stage of the pregnancy. Is the pregnancy at the embryo stage or fetus stage?

 According to law,a fetus is not considered as a human being, and so,they generate that abortion at this stage is not murder as no human is being killed. Well, the issue of whether abortion is murder or not is very much arguable, making a huge percentage of humans on earth agree that it is,while many more disagree that abortion is not murder. Dear reader,on which school of thought are you? Do you side on the thought that abortion is a murder? Would you want to hear my own thought? Read more: The Effect of Abortion among teenagers 

 Okay. This is it! When sperm breaks an egg in the womb,what happens next? Fertilization right? Yes,fertilization,which leads to conception of a baby in uterus. It is true that at fetus stage, no human being is detected,not because there is no life yet in the uterus,but because, all human body parts have been properly formed at that early stage. Can we sincerely say that just because a baby was not born with teeth at birth, he would always be without teeth? No,never. The same applies in fetus,as being blood. No one can rightly say that just because a baby has not begin to form human shape at fetus or embryo stage it is not a baby. Blood, itself,if you don't know is life,especially in the eyes of the creator!

Since fetus and embryo contain the life and the formation of a baby,an unborn human,I think the most unfair thing to do is to commit abortion. This to God and humanity, an injurious abuse!!!

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