Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Is it advisable to marry a man whose people do not like me?

Many of us,and I mean girls have troubles concerning whether we should or shouldn't marry our boyfriends simply because their people do not like or accept  us. This issue I must say is one that troubles the heart,and even makes the heart sick.

No doubt, before considering marriage with someone,a lot of commitment and love must have been invested in it. The question of letting it go can be the hardest thing to do. And so,is it advisable to marry a man whose people do not like me?

Everything about this issue depends on the degree of rejection. For example,is it the father or the mother who does  not give their approval of you? Are they his siblings who object your relationship with their brother?
The truth is that,one man does not marry a woman in African culture. This is as a result of communal culture which Africans practice right from time. If the problem is coming from the parent of the man who asked your hand in marriage,marrying the man will cause a problem of silence and feuding between you and the parent of the man.  Girl,this is not healthy for marriage! The problem with this issue is that at a time,you will lose your man whose  parent never gave their approval of you to be part of their family. What relationship is there in a family whose principal persons are not for you but against you? Are you really going into marriage to fight and force yourself in? Because the relationship with your man is half accepted,the love won't take long before it grows cold because,marriage does not separate a man from his household. So where will you be by then?

Marriage is built on strong love and acceptance, which comes from  the totality of the majority in the family which you are going to. But,especially from the parent,who gave birth to the man. As for the siblings,you can manage,or over look their reactions. It is very much temporal as they will someday,find their own feet,in someone Else's abode!!!

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