Saturday, 28 January 2017

Is love the purpose on which marriage is founded?-love and marriage,love at first site,

In marriage,it is believed that love is important and essential. The basis in which marriage is formed. Is this true? Cannot marriage stand if there is no love? Is love the purpose on which marriage is founded?

Are we seriously saying that love is one thing that can keep marriage? That love is the purpose why love was founded? I totally disagree with you. Let us go back to the time when marriage was founded and borrow a leave from it.A part of creation story of the first human couple has it that after creating the man and the woman,God bless them and said to them 'multiply and fill the earth,and have in subjection the fishes and every flying creature'. For God to bless the first couple on earth and said they should multiply means that the purpose of marriage is to fill the earth with children.This is procreation. Are we saying that love is not the purpose on which marriage is founded? Obviously!

Love makes marriage tightened. It is for emotional  healthy life,which helps couples to stay attached to each other,fulfilling the purpose of marriage. Children on the other side,make a couple one! Even when they are no longer in love,they make a couple inseparable,whether they are still in one roof or not.
Watch any couple who have not borne  children in their marriage,and those who are still struggling to build love but already have children. Which of these couples do you think that their marriage will collapse if their situation still remains the same for a longer time? Your answer will determine if love is the purpose on which marriage is built or not.
have you ever asked yourself why arranged marriages have succeeded as long as they have children while the couples are still struggling to build love in their marriage?

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