Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Is wearing makeup a sin in christianity?

Is wearing makeup a sin in christianity?

In every nation around the world,there exists a type of make up for ladies and women. In India, the first thing a woman talks about in her physical look is make up! In fact,she has it run from her hair, to her toes. In America,they love wearing red in their lips while the blacks have their various traditional and English make up as well. Is wearing makeup a sin? Why then do we have different types of make up materials all around us? How did make up come to be? Who made them?

 The scripture says that every house is constructed by someone,but he that constructed all things is God. Well,without much interpretation,we could deduce from this statement that in as much as man makes anything including makeup,he could not have made anything on his own without first copying from nature. Yes,man has copied makeup materials from the things God, the creator has made. Again I ask : Is wearing makeup a sin in Christianity?

Some domination in christianity claim that wearing makeup is a sin. They claim that it is satanic and originate with the devil,something that was created by God the creator? Since when did Satan begin to be a creator? Sometimes,they also claim that make up originates from pagans and are worn by wicked people like Jezebel. Again I ask:  Does the fact that some wicked people wear makeup mean that wearing makeup is a sin? The worst part of this believe is that Christianity does not say that make up in itself is a sin,but that wearing makeup is a sin. Can you imagine that?  If makeup is not a sin,why should wearing it become a sin!

Dear Clergy,how is wearing makeup a sin when you and I quite know that it is originally given to us  by nature,and copied by man for his own use? Women wear makeup to beautify themselves,enhance their beauty,and and look good. Is this course bad at all? Is wearing makeup a sin in Christianity?

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