Saturday, 21 January 2017

language birth and language death

 language birth and language death

Someone there is asking:Language birth and language death?  Yes,that is what there is! Or,do you not know that languages are born,and that languages can also die? Hmmm,this is another interesting article, Monica wants to talk about. You see,the moment a person or a group of people or communities pick up a new slogan, words or phrases known and understandable by them,a new language has been born,that is language birth! From them on,it begins to grow by the many use of it by their people, gaining recognition both in and outside the community, and becomes part and parcel of the speakers. Language birth is a creation of new words or languages in any human speech community. Just like a living thing,language when created, naturally grows like a child. You nourish and cherish it, by inculcating it in your culture, and making it grow and mature by using it in your daily speech,and activities.

Hi Monica,what do you mean by language death? Can language also die? Dear reader, yes,language can also die! Think about this: in your entire life time, you have acquired certain words,and have used them successfully in your conversations ,speech and writing many times,true or false? Very well! This is true because, those words are alive and intact in your memory. Again I ask: are there times you are in conversation either in speech, or in writing, and you find yourself lacking words,or not being able to remember certain words you used to know and you tried and tried  so hard to remember but couldn't ,only for such words to come back to your memory after sometime? Yes! Is that language death? Not really. It is a partial language death because, it is by this way,by forgetting words every now and then, getting words slipping off your memory and finally, not making use of words anymore, that bring about language death!
Language birth and language death simply means, that when a language is created, and becomes part and parcel of a people, that language will die,if the users discontinue using the language in their daily expressions.
Dear reader, if a language dies,will it ever be raised to life again? Keep thinking...because, negligence of language is an injurious abuse!!!

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