Saturday, 21 January 2017

Life and anxiety

Hi,is there anyone out there, who haven't seen anxiety,in this life. When you were writing your first entrance exams, what did you feel? The first time you went for an interview,what was that cold feet you developed?

 Life and anxiety

Can you remember that dark night you were working through a lonely path? What did you feel? Yes,anxiety! Life anxiety.

When you heard life anxiety, what did you derive from it? Your crystal answer is as sound as mine!
You see,everything in life brings fear,and anxiety. As a young lady leaving her father's house to her husband's, such feelings as "what next" brings anxiety to her mind. In fact,not having a clear picture of the people she would meet in her new home brings fear,and anxiety. IS LIFE ANXIETY TOTALLY BAD?
Certainly NO!  Listen,when kept in check life anxiety is beautiful! As a matter of fact, it makes one to be in check, to always be ready,and to always keep awake!
Hi,did you know that uncertainty,brings about anxiety in life? We all get anxious in life many times, because we are all humans. We are not God! It is with only God that all things are possible! We can only strive to see if we can win in certain things sometimes. Worthy of our note here however, is that, anxiety can also be abnormal, when it causes disorder to a sufferer. This type of anxiety disorder occurs,when it has touched the brain and erupted ones thinking and behavior.
Since life anxiety is natural,and a must to happen,one should place it under control when it surfaces, otherwise, it will not only bring about brain disorder but death!


calmness! calmness!! and calmness!!! This is one repeated single word that can control the pressure of life anxiety, whenever it surfaces. Keep yourself busy with thoughts that give you joy. Keep yourself around happy busy people, find yourself in busy areas and environment. Finally, learn to sing,sing, and dance!!
Life goes with anxiety, life can not be without anxiety,Mark this! But,you can always keep life and its anxiety in check, and move on,without being weigh down,that is a fact!!
Dear reader,can anyone add one cubit to his lifespan by being anxious in life? Anxiety, is to the body,a serious injurious abuse!!!

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