Saturday, 21 January 2017

love relationship among secondary school students

 love relationship among secondary school students

Secondary school students don come again ooo. Hmmm, love relationship among secondary school students! Let's talk about it.

Hello there! What could you say that actually makes secondary school a very interesting platform and environment? Are they the subjects treated? The people involved or the teachers? When you were in secondary school, did you not have a boy or girl friend? Anyway, am not trying to be romantic here,I only want to sound natural. Yes,very natural and honest. You see,there is no such place where boys and girls,still growing up in their bloom of youth exercise their God given freedom to express their feelings as secondary school. When they were in primary schools, everything is regimented by their schools. Both child and toddler are members, and they are referred to as pupils. Many of the pupils, though, may have s*xual feelings, but cannot express it or even perform it. Remember,we are talking about love relationship among secondary school students. So this feelings are naturally stored in their  young minds, waiting for a certain period of time, to explode out. That period of time is secondary school period when both Boys and girls s*xual developing stages are at the peak. Girls like flowers, begin to shoot out everything succulent from their inside, to their outside, making themselves look inviting and attractive to the boys. In fact, the boys too,shoot out theirs,showing everything that makes them able bodied men!

Love relationship among secondary school students is becoming to me like a natural thing. I am not saying here, that if you are in secondary school, you should go and have some hookup with a boy out there, no! Hello,what I am saying is that love relationship among secondary school students should be expected, but hey,guard yourself and keep your legs closed!! It just beautifully happens,that secondary school stage is the period of time when s*xual organs in both boys and girls develop,and the bloom of youth, being so Strong that they want to know exactly what it feels like,obeying the call of s*xual urge.

Dearest reader,if a girl says ' no' to any kind of love affair, would it be a stupid thing to do? Give the answers, to secondary school students because, the many bad things they do there are injurious abuse!!!

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