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Moral view of premarital relationship

 Moral view of premarital relationship

The question : what is the moral view on premarital relationship borders the minds of many people, especially the young adolescents who are concerned about their moral stand and chastity. Here,premarital relationship means those things that boyfriends do with their girlfriends in bed,hotel rooms,and in lonely,quiet places to show love to each other. It is called premarital because, boys and girls engage in it before they are married. Did God,our maker, say that  there is time for s*x which if it is not done at a particular age or time it will expire and make our s*xual feeling die off? Does nature prove that if boys and girls do not engage in premarital activities such as kissing, warming the body, lying down together with their boyfriends, and engaging in other activities, they will not be able to do same when they've been married? Is premarital relationship a criterion for marriage? What is the moral view or moral code on premarital relationship? One step,after another will help us to achieve this!

Many young girls out there have been so brainwashed that if they refuse to have s*x with their boyfriends, they will lose them to someone else who is willing to give out their body. They have been told however, that having love affairs such as kissing and body warming with their boyfriends are the only criteria that could lead them to getting married thereafter. Hey,does that sound true? Hmmm,it rather sounds childish! That if I lie down with you,you will marry me? Since when has s*x become a quality of wife material? Listen girl,if a man says he won't marry you if you refuse to have s*x with him you should know that he is a s*x monger! You know where they belong to? Prostitut* backyard! Send them there, and set yourself free for that man who will  give you peace and happiness.


You see,the primary purpose of s*x from the beginning of creation until now is for procreation purposes, and not for recreation purposes. Now if your boyfriend wants to lie down with you, it then means, that he surely wants you to have children for him! Since he already has that thought, ask him to do it right by paying your bride price. Or don't you want to become a bride? If your boyfriend says that s*x is just for fun,ask him if he is wiser than the Creator who made them "man and woman",and says" a man should leave his mother and his father, and stick to his wife,and they will become one flesh"! Yes,this is the only criteria that permits a man and a woman to have s*xual relationship, and thus give birth to children.
Dear reader,marriage is sweet, but sin against ones body is injurious abuse!!!

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