Thursday, 26 January 2017


I there anyone who has never watched his parent quarrel? This was exactly the question I asked my friends back in those days to see if it was only my parent and parents of those around us who  have ever quarreled. Surprisingly,the answers I got were all the same and encouraging. None in the group denied the fact that they have ever watched their parents fight or quarrel,not just one time,but many times.

When we watch movies,and read books and papers,we find out that the situation is the same all over the world. Up to date,there is no family which has not ever witnessed their parent fight or quarrel. Why is it okay for couples to quarrel?

Quarrel helps couples to build love. What we mean here is that when couples quarrel and inflict some insult to themselves,the act of loving forgiveness always bring more love to their relationship,and give a reassurance of their commitment to love and cherish each other no matter what. Is this not a reason why it is okay for couples to quarrel?

Quarrel gives opportunity  and opens the door for forgiveness. You know it is not possible to talk about forgiveness when one has not sinned against the other or hurt another? And when you forgive an erred partner or friend,nature has it that your heart opens as twice as when you first form the relationship with him. Quarrel is a step up of love in ones relationship which is why it is okay for couples to quarrel.

When couples have finished fighting or quarreling, the usual thing is to sit and table their problems,thereby finding out the cause of their quarrel. Imagine,if there was no quarrel ever between a couple,would there have been any opportunity for them to have a table discussion to look for the way out? Making  way for progress and love in their family? this is why it is okay for couples to quarrel!!!

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