Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Must I go to schoo to be educated?

Must I go to school to be educated? This is one of the most intelligent questions one can ask. Yes,this is because,the word 'education' is gotten from school. To know whether one must go to school to be educated or not,it is important that we know what school is.

What in the simplest term is school? School is a citadel of learning. You could also say if you like that school is an institution of learning. Unlike different types of learning such as formal and informal learning,so does school have such have different categories. In fact,the first school one ever comes in contact with is the one at home,where your parent,and other family members teach you by examples,through corrections,and discipline. This type of learning builds the foundation of every child's education. If your parent like,they can send you to  formal education to be instructed in the language of the white people.

Education can be gotten either from formal learning,or informal type of learning. Whatever it is,the most important of it is to keep learning. But how?
The truth is that there is no type of learning that does not involve reading,engaging in useful conversations,and acquiring some general knowledge. Of course we can't learn everything in life,bur at least,having little knowledge of everything is not bad at all.

One can decide which area he wants to acquire his knowledge. Just concentrating on the study of ones culture and tradition of  his father land, which does not require going to any formal school is enough for one to be educated. So,can we still say that one must go to school before one becomes educated? Must I go to school to be educated???

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