Thursday, 26 January 2017

Reasons why begging constitute nuisance in society

 Reasons why begging constitute nuisance in society

You can well agree with me that begging,whether it is on a street,or in a motor park or else where is a big problem. It is a problem to those who are beggars,and to people who are being begged. in whatever case,,there are reasons why begging constitute nuisance in society.

In big cities like Lagos,which is regarded as no man's land,there can be hundreds of beggars in a particular town,begging,using their strategic style of holding passersby by their dressing,in view of getting their attention, getting alms from them. This is to say that even if you are dressed in your white and finest garments,these gross of beggars  wouldn't fail to draw or at least touch you by your cloth. You can imagine the abuse and  embarrassment  these sort of people called beggars can cause . This to the greatest mind of people is a reason why begging constitute nuisance in society.

You know,I have really watched around and seen that not many beggars send their children to school to say oh,I can see why these people sacrifice so much on the street whether in rain or in sun. Most of their children end up being  like their mother or father who have introduce this menace to them. Thus,children who are said to be future of tomorrow end up being beggars of today in a very dark world,being a very serious reason,why begging constitute nuisance in the society.

In every society,everyone,young and old must in one way or the other contribute to the growth and development of their nation. How on earth can beggars contribute their own quota in the national growth and development when instead of giving,and offering themselves to be useful in any working environment,they end up choosing to beg,and collect from others pocket? Hardly! In fact,this is the biggest reason,why begging constitute  nuisance in society. The truth is that,there is simply no where beggars are useful. They are not useful to their children who they have abandoned to the mercy of passersby to care for themselves,neither are they useful to the society in which they live.

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