Monday, 30 January 2017

Reasons why children should not be rushed through school

According to neurologists,every child develops their brain almost at the same time,and age,but at different pace. This explains why some children are more intelligent than others. The reasons why this happens will be discussed in our next article titled: 'why some children  are more brilliant than others'.

 Children begin to go to school as soon as their brains begin to develop. In classrooms,it is easy to detect which child is more intelligent than the other,as, the teachers observe their performances.

Often time,the most brilliant students are rewarded with double promotion by their schools,believing that any student who is the most intelligent in a class should not remain in the same class but be promoted to upper and higher class . Should parents allow this? Should children be rushed through school because they are very brilliant?

The idea behind rushing children to school is unfounded. For crying out loud why should children be rushed into classes because they are more intelligent than others? If your child is more intelligent than another,does it mean the child is the most intelligent in the world? If your child perfects in certain subjects,does it mean she will excel in others? What parents don't know is that,by rushing their children into classes and through schools,their children will end up missing other things which are due for them  to learn. The moment they miss a class unattended to, then be sure that would have missed other things which that class has got to offer and they may not have it again. Why? Because the child has been rush through schools.

Sincerely speaking,there has never been any advantage of rushing ones child through schools other than the fact that such child will finish up his education early! And so what?? Will rushing children through school make them to be better,and best than their age mates who were never rushed? Never!!!

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