Saturday, 21 January 2017

Reasons why no language is greater than the other

 Reasons why no language is greater than the other

Everywhere around the world, everyone sees himself a better person, if he could speak a foreign language in addition to his mother tongue. On the other hand too,every nation wants to see that their own language is widely spoken than any other. Why?why?and why? Is any language greater or better than another? No! Now open your eyes,and see reasons why no language is greater than the other. As you read,come with your mind,and your thinking faculty. Reason with me and see where you can make a difference.

You know, language is simply the tool for interaction and communication among humans. Right from the creation of mankind, there has always been a means of communication among peoples,either with signs and symbols or with sounds. This is to say that no human language on earth is in existence for any reason other than for  interaction, and communication purposes.
Another reason why no language is greater than another is that all languages of the world are created in the same  way which is arbitrariness and convention. The words arbitrariness and convention mean that whatever a particular group of people choose to call a subject or object, is what that object shall be known for,and the same meaning being conveyed to it. Everyone has to call it by that name,and understand it the same way. In this case,what language would you say is greater or better than the other?
Hello there, is there any other purpose that human languages can serve order than communication, and interaction? I like to hear from you as your points can give further reasons why no language is greater than another!! Take note: There is no supremacy of language in the world! Trying to invert one by yourself surely is  to linguistics knowledge,an injurious abuse!!!

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