Sunday, 29 January 2017

reasons why students cheat and fail examinations

 reasons why students cheat and fail examinations

In every Exam that students do,whether it  is internal or external exam,there must be a  number of  successful students and a good number of failure students. From a trusted research,the rate of failure students are usually higher than those who have succeeded in passing their exams.. More surprisingly however is that a lot of student cheat in exam hall in various ways,yet they still fail. why?

Cheating does not guarantee exam success. What it does is to give one unfounded hope that as long as you are able to copy and paste,and fill the whole paper with words and sentences,you are already there. In fact,the major reason why students fail exams is because they cheat,through exam malpractices.

When students have in mind that they will cheat,or that they will get help somewhere,somehow,in exam,they tend to relax and wouldn't border to read or study. Why? Because,they see reading as a waste  of effort when they will spend a hard time in studying,only to find some cheap ways they can pass their exams thereafter.

When one loses interest in reading,the beginning of failure starts knocking around his way. Most students no longer read or study. Whenever reading culture is mentioned to them,they see  it as a fairy tale,or a history which happened in the past. The truth of the matter is that students believe in cheating than reading for  exams ,and when this happens,failure becomes the order of day!!! 

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