Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Simple reasons why immigration will not end

 Simple reasons why immigration will not end

Simply put,immigration is the international movement of people to a country or state where they are not citizens or indigenes of. Over the years,different countries have tried to stop immigration of people into their countries. For example, some time in the year 2016,South Africa government strongly attempted to send out non South African citizens from her counrty yet,they could not succeed. On the same hand,when Donald Trump came out to contest for the office of U.S. president,one of his hottest agenda in his manifestos was to stop immigration of people. In fact,he became so loud about it that he said he was going to send the  blacks and all Islamist  out of America and free America of illegal migration. These nations have failed because, they do not realize simple reasons why immigration will not end.

A question for those who want to end immigration is : Is there anyone on earth  who did not come from a place and become a citizen of another? For example,is there anyone who was not created and giv Options en birth to in a place where by bithright he becomes a citizen or an indigene of a state? No,there is none! The earth has made all of us immigrants of her domain,and has given us the citizens right to live on it. Why then should some sort of people attempt to end immigration why there are simple reasons why immigration can not end?

When South African government tried to chase out Nigeria migrants from South Africa,the Nigerian government reminded them that their own people,South Africans are also in Nigeria too,doing well in their various businesses. If Nigeria government and her people could give South African citizens a good enabling environment to thrive in their businesses and live comfortably,why wouldn't South Africans do the same to Nigerians in  South Africa too? Can you see a simple reason why immigration can not end?
When Donald Trump raised the issue of ending immigration in America during his political campaign,he saw he was failing,not getting the acceptance of the the people anymore. Then he change his manifesto,and said he would embrace and open the boundary wall,for all people into America and then he won their hearts and their votes. Hey,there are more simple reasons why immigration will not end.

It is simple,no nation can thrive without the presence of others. God has created this earth,and has given it to us for it to become our home. Nature has made us all immigrants because we all came into the world from a place and has made all of us equal citizens of its domain. All those who have tried have seen that it is truly so and have also seen simple reasons why immigration will not end!!!

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