Saturday, 28 January 2017

Simple tips on how to avoid heartbreak

Simple tips on how to avoid heartbreak

Has he broken your heart? And now,you are crying,feeling you cannot overcome the situation right? Yes,that is what it means when you play blind in a relationship.

You should know that relationship usually involves matters of heart and emotion. Here are simple tips on how to avoid heartbreak in your your relationship. First,open your eyes and open them very well so that they don't get blinked at any fantasy.  Men  naturally. like to get the heart of any woman with whom they are in relationship. They can do anything for you to get you there and when they succeed,they can blow you out of their way when they don't really love you or want you for any serious relationship. You see,in their mind they know they don't want any serious relationship with you,but you could not see it. Men,when they are not willing to go down the isle with you can never,compromise their mind . If you like,cry out your heart to death,they don't care!

To avoid heartbreak,read his words and see if his actions betray what he says. 
Ask him about his family and confirm if what he says are true. If not,babe,run away.
If he ever asks you to have s*x with him and you refuse,if he really wants to have you as his wife,he will appreciate you more.But if he gets angry with you and  changes his countenance on you,babe,this is a sign for you to run away from him before it is too late. If yo u think sleeping with him to please him will make him marry you,sorry lady,your heart is deceiving you! HE WILL NOT!!

Who told you that when you are in a relationship,you should give the man all your heart? If you do that now,what else will you give him when you are finally married to him? Listen,when you are in a relationship,try not to give him everything including your heart so that if it doesn't end up in marriage,as you wish,at lease you will have nothing to lose!!!

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