Friday, 27 January 2017


Hardship as the name implies is a period of time when things are not easy to come by. Hardship means that you will really work hard in search of money,but what you will realize at the end of the day will not take care of your needs. When hardship presents itself,what will you do? What are the simple ways to overcome hardship?

The most simple way to overcome hardship is to learn how to maintain what one has. Whatever thing it is that you have,take good care of it. Secondly,to overcome hardship,one must avoid impulse buying. Impulse buying means buying what you have not planned for! Before you set to buy things,you must have surely calculated and known your budget. If you go out of your budget and buy other things,you will either run out of cash,or owe other needs. One of the most simple ways to overcome hardship is to avoid unnecessary things,and buy exactly what you need.

It is important that one knows how much he has before embarking in any business. Fore example,'who among you will build a house without first calculating the cost' the Scripture asks?  The reason is this,if one does not have enough money to build a house and embarks into it simply because he needs a home of own,he will not end up abandoning the project,but will have wasted the little resources that he has.Following tips on simple ways to overcome hardship will not only save our lives,but will also save us troubles of every day in life!!!

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