Saturday, 21 January 2017

The concept of sugar daddy

 The concept of sugar daddy

The concept of sugar daddy to many,may sound strange, while to others, it sounds so familiar. Hello,do you know the meaning of sugar daddy? Does it mean that your daddy is sweet?,it doesn't mean that. You see,there are kind of men,very mature and sometimes, old men, who like giving money, I mean a reasonable sum of money to young girls who most times could be old enough to be called their daughters or even granddaughters. Often they do this, showing some kindness to young girls, who have not learned to say " no" to their offer. You see,the ugly part of this gesture is that this men,who profess to show little kindness to sweet, charming young girls, would later come to the girls and asked to be romanced,or have s*x with. That is the concept of sugar daddy. The word "sugar" is coined to daddy because, they usually offer sweet, better material things to their girls. Things that the girls' parents on a good day,may not be able to give their children, such as buying them big,and expensive cars,beautiful houses,taking them to top places for shopping, and the likes.

The concept sugar daddy, does not agree that the men who give out gifts to young girls do so because they are philanthropist, No! Rather, the middle aged wealthy men,spend freely on young girls or women in order to get their minds and their bodies. Sugar daddy also do good for girls,in return, for the intimacy and s*x they enjoy from them!
Dear reader,can you in your church mind ever kiss your father Succulently, even to the point of removing his pants? Don't frown yet,many girls do this, yes,some of you reading this now! But hey! Help yourself, and go with people who still have future! For your information, those elderly men buying your heart with money do not really mean well for you. In fact, they gain more from what you give,than what you receive from them! You,check it naw!!
Finally, the concept of sugar daddy is not associated to any form of kindness, but moral,and social decay,and this we call injurious abuse!!!

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