Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Spirit Of Homos*uality,The Way Out

 The spirit of homos*uality,the solution

In the beginning of creation, when God began to create things,he created them male and female the good book says.

 First he began with animals of different kinds,making them male and female for animals to mate,and reproduce their kinds. What about the spirit of homos*xuality? Was it ever there from the beginning? No and never.

It has never be part of God's plan for man to be with fellow man. In fact, God the creator says :"it is not good for a man to be alone. I am going to make a woman, a complement for him!". When God thought of giving a man a life partner or someone to complement him and mate with,it was woman he expressed.

 In the beginning of human creation, man was the first. He never made  them man and woman together at first until the thought came to him that it is not good for a man to continue to be alone. God saw that he,Adam needed a companion, a complement. Someone he would be with at least to keep warmth. So out of love,and in his wisdom, the creator, the maker of life and everything created a woman, for the man and not another man to be with the man.


The story of creation still continues from the beginning. After making them man and woman,God blessed them and said to them:" multiply and fill the earth and let every flying creature,the birds of the heaven and the fishes of the sea  be in subjection of you". The point here is that after making the union of romantic relationship to be between male and female, then,he blessed it. Anything short of God's arrangements is bad,and faulty.


Homos*xuality is a s*x relationship between two men. Yes,that what it is. Two men engaged in love affair like husbands and wives do. No one is naturally born to be a homos,*xualist. It has a bad spirit which influences any man that has the desire,and that is having a longing for it. Before you know it,this desire of a man,sleeping or having affairs with a fellow man, becomes stronger than it was ever imagined. Is there any solution to homos*xuality?


The story of a man, a friend somewhere says that he has a homos*xual feelings right from time. When he grew older he learnt from the bible,natural science and  wisdom that homos*xuality is a sin against the creator of the universe, and against his own body. In fact, to the man in question, he has never had any feelings for girls and ladies.
You know what? One of the foremost solutions to homos*xual feeling is to try have feelings for women! Unfortunately, this man  refused to yield on the corrective advice for his problem and till today, this man is still in the chain of homos*xual slavery.
Dear reader,if this man has taken to the advice given to him,would he not have been set free?? The fact that he has antidote to his problem and refuses to take it is injurious abuse!!!

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