Thursday, 19 January 2017

the white men and the blacks

the white men and the blacks
Even though, this happened in the past, I still feel bad to see this again. History may have dated this to have happened in the 1804, but what it brings to mind is as though it's just happening now.

Excuse me, how could the white with all their knowledge have thought that blacks were inferior to them? Didn't they know that humans being bigger animals doesn't make animals inferior to humans? Everyone and everything is classy in their own world!

To worsen the situation, imagine that the white even used the black as their foot stool! Gush! what were these whites always feeling like??

What do they have that we  can't acquire??

The sentiment that breathing beings like Africans are inferior to white because of their color is senseless, and let them know that this is injurious abuse!!!

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