Friday, 27 January 2017

Is There Any Thing As Gender Inequjality? Find Out Here

When the expression gender inequality is mentioned,what usually comes to the mind is the greater than,and lesser than right?. But is this true?

Acceptably,women are not equal to men in a sense,and in many other sense,both men and women are rightly equal to each other.

For example,the scripture says that God created man in His image and likeness. Man here refers to both man and woman and not just man in quote. The question now is: If both man and woman are created in God's image and likeness,why then can we believe in gender inequality?

Truly speaking,all fingers are not equal. Everyone has their place in fulfilling one thing or the other better than another. This means that what Mr.A can do,Mr.B might not be able to do the same. He might as well find something more interesting to do that even Mr.A.can not do. The question now is :Does the fact that women cannot do certain things that men do bring about gender inequality?

Surely,there are true reasons why there is no gender inequality.

The creator has a good purpose for creating woman. He did so in order for women to fulfill certain things that men cannot do. For example,do men have uterus and can their body produce egg to form and carry a baby? Can we now say that for this reason,women should be  greater than men? Can we see this is a true reason why there is no gender inequality???

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