Saturday, 21 January 2017

what is it about age?-age analysis,age and work,age and love,

These days,people hardly believe anybody's age to be true. Yet,they will not stop asking someone about his or her age. What is it about age? Is it necessary in life as the breath of life is?
You,tell me: how old are you? You see,I can't even believe
you're telling me the truth! Does  whatever number of age one mentions has anything to do with ones life? From many years of research, results have shown that over 70% of humans on earth do not give their real age whether they know it or not. Read more: simple reasons why people shy away from their age


Below are the few reasons why people hide their real age.
In public service and the likes,age is one of the major requirements for employment. Certain employers look at ones age instead of ones ability before a job seeker is employed. Abeg sir,is age a determiner of ability or ones experience and exposure? I might be 40 years old but cannot have a good command in computer works,but a younger person might be in his twenties and can give a very good command in the same computer works. So what is this about age? Because almost all employers look at age instead of ability of someone before they could be employed, older mature people bring down their age in order to fit in,in labour market.

Secondly,any mature lady who hasn't gotten married yet,would definitely reduce her age in order to seem younger. But hey, if you reduce your biological age,Will your genetic age reduce too? Naturally, people who reduce their age are sorts of people whose circumstances did not allow to achieve all the necessary things they aim to achieve and so by reducing their age,they somehow believe that age is still on their side. Dear reader, will reducing ones age make one to live longer and younger than expected? What is it about age anyways? Is reducing ones age to nature,an injurious abuse???

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