Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What you should do if your boyfriend constantly disappoints you.

There are different types of boyfriends in relationship issue. One of the types is he who is open hearted with his lady,being real to her.  In fact,their relationship is regarded as the one of enjoyment instead of endurance.The other  kind of boyfriend is the one who tells you he loves you,but could not really prove it. Every day,he keeps you unsure as to whether he really loves you from his heart or not. This type of relationship is more of enduring than enjoyment.

Every sweet relationship is characterized by quarreling sometimes. This is necessary because,it actually makes one to have some checks and balances. For example,it will be easy to tell that your boyyfriend loves you so much if he comes back to make a better relationship with you. On the other side,it will be very wise to conclude that your boyfriend shares fantasies with you instead of love if he leaves you on the account that both of you just have some issues. A serious man intending to  take your relationship with him to another level is willing to make you his wife.

It is no doubt painful for ones boyfriend to disappoint. If he comes back to you as many times as he disappoints you,what should you do? Disregard him ! Yes,because he is confused and should be given time to find out what he really wants.   Why will he not keep to his words which he promises the first and the second time he returned to you? Any man who does this will never give you the happiness you really want in marriage . Although,some ladies accept as many disappointments as possible from their boyfriends as long as it will keep their relationship on going. What you should do if your boyfriend constant disappoints you depends on what you want in your relationship with him!!!
Whatever it is that you cannot accept in your marriage,you had better not accept it in your relationship.

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