Thursday, 26 January 2017

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE -blood pressure,blood clotting,blood circulation,


High blood pressure is  a situation where the blood level is pushed out of the arteries. When the heart pumps blood and pushes it out of the arteries,we can then say that the patient is suffering from high blood pressure. Here are what you should know about high blood pressure. Read more : Life and anxiety

  •  High blood pressure is caused by stress. In fact stress is the major cause of high blood pressure as indicated by medical research. It is accepted that in as much as one can really work hard to make both ends meet,he can still avoid stress by avoiding unnecessary works,functions and activities. This is what you should know about high blood pressure,and it is a fact.

  •  Another thing you should know about high blood pressure is that, in as much as it kills when it is neglected,or when the a patient fails to follow his Doctors advice and directives,it has a worse kind which is low blood pressure. So,to cure high blood pressure,one must follow up his Doctor's directives and advice.

An interesting thing you should know about high blood pressure is that it is caused by anxieties and over thinking. Yes,we quite know that the world itself offers a whole lot of anxiety such as what to eat for those who eat from hand to mouth,how to get employment and and care for ones numerous needs in life. And for those who are married for years but haven't had children,the situation is one enough to cause anxiety and over thinking which usually push  pumped blood out of the arteries, thus,causing high blood pressure.

My dear reader,you see life itself is not friendly ,yes we know! In fact,it is unfair to me,you,and all of us. We all have our own share of troubles at every point in our life. If I can manage my daily dose of troubles,so can you! Do not allow yours to eat you up,and take everything away from you including your dear life. Rather,whenever you have anything that troubles you,go to your good and kind friend,and let it out .Then,always try to make yourself happy,by avoiding sad environment and unhappy people. Remember,our  people say that problem shared is half solved. Take these,and take care of your dear self! This has been  what you should  know about high blood pressure!!!

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