Wednesday, 25 January 2017

When and how should parents choose career for their children?

 When and how  should parents choose career for their  children?

A lot of us while growing up look onto our parents for guidance and directives in life. For example,our parents are the ones who choose our schools for us and know if the school is good enough to still keep
us there or not.What if a child finishes his primary school and want to decide whether to be in Science,Art or Commercial class in secondary school? Who should make the choice for him? Should he or his parent? If it is his parent,when and how should his parent choose career for their children?

First of all,at what stage do children  make choices on their career?  The first stage at which children make choices for their career is in senior secondary schools,when they will have to choose whether to be in science,art or commercial class. At this age,children are usually between 12-14 years. Now the big question:Can children make right choices for themselves at this age?  We cannot be sure,because,even at this age,children are not even sure about themselves and to know what exactly they want! This being the case,another question becomes:When and how should parents choose career for their children?

When parents see that their children are not able to make right choices for themselves,they can then come in. But how should parents do so? "Call your children,ask them what they want and why they choose so. Listen to their expressions,and see if their choices make sense. If not,help your children make the right choice!

Parents,do not force career choices on your children even if they cannot make right choices for themselves. Guide them,make them see the benefits that it could bring if they accept your decision. This is when and how parents should choose career for their children!!!

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