Saturday, 28 January 2017

when citizens shouldn't pay taxes-taxes and levels act,taxes by country,taxes due,

Taxes are collections of money from legible citizens and residents of any country,which government uses for the development of her nation or country.

Before taxes are paid by ,by legible residents of any country,the citizens must have been employed  either by their government,or individuals. In fact,taxes are collected by government from productive citizens or residents of any country for the  welbeing of their citizens. This simply means that if a government of any nation or country cannot provide social amenities such as good and accessible road network,electricity,water,hospitals,education and security,then,her citizens shouldn't be charged to pay any taxes. What on earth will taxes be used for when a government does not care for the welfare of her citizens? Will it not be better for  citizens to save their money and fend for themselves since their government has failed in their responsibility of caring for their citizens and residents? What the book simply says is that as long as a  government can not provide for her citizens,her citizens should neither pay their taxes!!!

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