Saturday, 21 January 2017

When healthy competition becomes unhealthy

When healthy competition becomes unhealthy is one thing everyone has asked,and has tried to know. 

 When healthy competition becomes unhealthy

 Hello,have you ever been in music studio,and seen an artist,singing perfectly, a line you have always stumbled on? A dancer,performing like magical, than you could ever perform? Yes,you now ask: how did he sing this line with ease that I have tried so hard to master? How did this dancer beat this steps I have tried so hard to learn? This is competition! But is this competition a healthy one? At what time does a healthy competition 
 become unhealthy?
Before the questions raised above are answered,let's see another side of it.
Hi,sure,you have eaten fruits of various types before. Have you ever compared the taste of
One fruit over another to see how it is better than the other? That is certainly an unfair thing to do, knowing that no fruit is like the other! Can we also say that this is an unhealthy competition? Yes,we can because,every fruit has their inherent values to meet every ones need .Now,silently look at the first and second examples above. The first example trying to improve ones ability,by copying from another's  success,or imitating someone else, in view of making oneself better than he used to be,is a healthy competition! The idea of outshining someone you aim to imitate,or outdo another is unhealthy competition.
Dear reader,you see,the origin of competition is not to strive and win another, it simply means, to better oneself,to meet, and to be fitting a certain requirements. The aim of competition is to make someone, become a better him!
When competition is unhealthy, one begins to lose sight of his objective, and begins to act stupidly.
In life be sure that someone somewhere, is always better than you are. No matter how much one tries in life,one can never be the best of anything but can only be better than another.
Peeeople,since you know you can never be best of anything in life, why strive after the wind? While healthy competition makes you a better person, unhealthy competition saps you of all your energy and resources and still making you no better person. Choose for yourself if it is really needful to engage in an unhealthy competition or not!
But note this:When healthy competition becomes unhealthy, the result becomes an injurious abuse!!!

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