Tuesday, 24 January 2017

why children turn deviant

 why children turn deviant

Ever wondered what it means when a child behaves in an unacceptable way and manner? In a way that is out of norms and culture? That is deviance! Whether you are a parent or not,you must have witnessed deviance either in your family or in another's. Do you know why children turn deviant?

The scripture says that stupidity is tied in the heart of a boy. It is very clear: Children in their nature always want to do things in their own way. To them,whatever thing they do simply seems good in their eyes even when their parent are ranting and bitterly complaining.

Children,especially youths hate to be shouted on. However,when you curdle them,and kindly take them in to know why they do certain things,you will find out that you have won there heart.

Dear parents,whenever your children misbehave,do not tag them with bad or hateful names otherwise,you would have sent them a message that they are good for nothing children, making them become deviant. Always encourage your children when they do good to enable them do more. Do not drive your children away from home by not giving them due attention when they need it. Do not allow your children to be the primary providers of their needs. Even if you don't have enough,at least let them know how much effort you make to provide for them and always assure them of your love for them. One more thing, don't forget to thank them and appreciate them for their understanding and how much they have supported the family all along

When parents make their children their friends,the children will always try their best possible to make their parents happy. Why children turn deviant  is obvious. When they see their parents or home as threat to their life,they will fight everyone on their way including their parents to survive,breaking every rule no matter  the cost!

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