Friday, 27 January 2017


Consumers rights are set to protect the right of consumers whenever and wherever articles,good and services are bought. This is to say that if a consumer buys let's say a refrigerator and brings it home and finds out the next moment that it is faulty,he has right to return it to where it is purchased. The seller having heard the complaint must either repair,refund,or repay the consumer. Unfortunately this law is not usually adhered to especially in 3rd world countries. What then are the reasons why we say that consumers rights are not protected in 3rd world countries?

The agencies that protect the rights of consumers from buying inferior goods or being defrauded spend so much time and energy in bringing information to the ears of consumers,but lack the strength and will, to prosecute offenders for failing to apply the rules regulating  consumers rights.

Many times,consumers buy goods from market only to find out later that such goods are inferior.
When the inferior goods are returned however,the sellers most times bluntly refuse either to refund the consumer or repay him for selling inferior goods to him. The argument of the sellers most time is that they are not the makers of the inferior goods,neither do they know that it is a substandard product before buying it.. So who will you blame after all? The worst part of this is that when cases such as this  is brought to the attention of the agency concerned,they usually give order that the consumer must be treated fairly and justly. They lack the  guts to give mandate,and follow it up.

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