Wednesday, 25 January 2017



Women,the second creature of mankind have always been subjected and dominated by men since the world beginning until now. Have you ever wondered why depression is common in women? Come to look at it. In the beginning ,when God thought of creating man as part of his purpose for the earth,the man was created first,seconded by the woman. They were Adam and Eve. In their creation,only the woman,Eve,was created with just one rib from the man,and her position remains as a complement to the man or assistant to him. Men,having come to know this fact,begin to dominate women,always showing that they are the men,the first mankind of all  creation.

At home,the place of women is always secondary,no matter their qualification. Yet,women are the home care takers,child bearers,care givers,and many times home providers. Can't you see why depression is common in women?

Childlessness,a situation of not having a child in marriage has always been a major challenge to both husband and wife. But I tell you ,when it does happen,only the women bear the greater consequences and challenges. Why you may ask? Because,they are mothers,child bearers,and home builders. Women are made,to fulfill the purpose of procreation and so in the absence of it,they will rather give up their own life than living without fulfilling their purpose.

The reason why depression is common in women is that  naturally,women are kind hearted  people. They have soft heart and cannot enjoy life while things are not under control. Therefore,any little problem can give them concern and even wear them up. Seriously speaking,if you are a woman,in your next world,will you still wish to be a woman again?

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