Friday, 27 January 2017


Because everyone is born free,no one wants be in chain. Yet every now and then,people who want to be free financially are seen seeking employment in view of working for someone else in order to survive.
Naturally,no one wants to be under another person. Everyone wants to be free,and be on his own. That is what entrepreneurship tends to offer. Why on earth would we say that entrepreneurship and skills acquisition are keys to survival?
Before now, people's general knowledge is that skills acquisition are for people,who do not have opportunity to go to school,or that it is for illiterate who can not read or right. For some other people however,skills acquisition are for second hand citizens,and never for well to do individuals. Thanks to change of economic situation,and recession. Thanks to hardship for opening people's eyes to see the truth. People,young and old,rich and poor,educated and  illiterate are now streaming on the path of entrepreneurship and skills acquisition.

Few years ago,the government of Nigeria saw the need for her people to embrace the opportunity of skills acquisition to become entrepreneurs. This is for oneself to help himself and the economy. In NYSC camp,one of the foremost activities is to teach graduates and help them acquire entrepreneurship skills. In fact,Nigeria government spends a lot of money to see that these skills are acquire by all her graduates as Federal government can not provide employment for all her citizens.

Whether you are a civil servant or not,the moment you retire from your job,the moment you begin to realize that truly,entrepreneurship and skills acquisition are keys to survival.
Yes,when  graduates and retirees depend and rely so much on skills acquisition to survive,you will know that indeed,entrepreneurship and skills acquisition are keys to survival!!!

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