Friday, 27 January 2017

why gender has nothing to do in the choice of profession

 why gender has nothing to do in the choice of profession

Most often,before one makes a choice of what to be in life,gender is often put first. But I remember when we were growing up as kid some people would ask us to tell what we would like to be in future. All of us would mention the things that we see people do with our eyes that we like. Those things vary from being a Doctor,a Teacher,a Driver,a banker,a Farmer and all of that with reasons best known to us. But when we grow older our thinking change. While considering what we like to be,we would have first remember that we are male that is if we are,and vice versa. But why? Does gender have anything to do with the choice  of profession we make?

Why gender has nothing to do with the choice of profession that one makes is clearly seen today. Unlike the times past,people believe that certain professions are for men,while others are for women. For example,there was a time when being a pilot,a Lawyer,a medical Doctor,a Driver and the like are  considered as men profession. Today,reverse has become the case. People are now more reasonable and they now think better and faster.

What is usually the first thing one considers before making a choice of career? Ones desire which lies in ones heart. So,if everything actually has to do with your  desire and your heart,can't you see the reason why gender has nothing to do in the choice of profession?
The only thing that can help you be fulfilled in your choice of profession is your heart desire,which gives joy and not your gender!!!

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