Friday, 27 January 2017

why gender inequality should be respected

why gender inequality should be respected

Right from the beginning of creation,the creator,God almighty in his infinite wisdom made a man and a woman,but He did not make them equal. The creator had created the man long before He thought of making a woman be in place. T he instructions on taking care of animals in the garden of Eden,giving them names,and taking care of everything therein were giving to the man,Adam. God made him,Adam,the head of the woman,Eve. In fact,on creating Eve,God specifically mentioned that she is a complement to her husband and so it is today. You can not change it,neither can anyone,being a reason why gender inequality should be respected.

The first born of all creations Jesus Christ as a matter of fact stated that the head of every woman is the man. So,what is your own? Why would you fight what the great ones have put in place you this woman,and disrespect gender inequality?

Remember,you woman,that it was only one out of the man's  ribs that the creator  put in you. Can't you see that the creator from the beginning has made the man greater,bigger,and superior to you? What will your fight against gender inequality make you to achieve in the name of feminism? When you check the world around you,you will surely find more reasons why gender inequality should be respected. What does gender inequality mean?Does it mean that women are inferior to men???

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