Thursday, 26 January 2017



The first question HIV patients ask when they find out that they are positive is usually 'will I die'? This is because,when the Human Immune Virus,HIV was first discovered,the first impression given to it was death. But,if someone tells you that HIV cannot kill you will you believe? Oh yes,you should! See the reason why HIV cannot kill you.

You see,the concept of HIV means that your body has just acquired an immune virus. Virus,like bacteria is not an instant killing disease. The only problem virus has is that when left untreated,it will be allowed to multiply,and become very stubborn. Therefore,the moment one finds out that he has acquired  immune virus,he must run as a matter of fact to his Doctor to get drugs that will fight against the virus and help support his immune system. Can you see why HIV cannot kill you?

Another reason why HIV cannot kill you is that you can overcome any virus causing disease as long as the anti drugs are always there. So why fear whether HIV will kill you even when your body is already attacking it? Just keep taking your drugs and following your Doctors advice while you live your like like everyone else. Like HIV,over 70% of diseases on earth are caused either by virus,or bacterial. Did you know that common cold,cough and catarrh are caused by bacteria while common body wounds can also be infected by virus? When you have cough  and catarrh,or even sustain injuries,do you fear that you will die? Then,apply the same answer if you have HIV knowing that,HIV cannot kill you!!!

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