Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Reasons why people fear to die -death,death bed,death date,

Death is opposite of life. It means a state of unconsciousness,or a state of nonexistence. Everyone wants to continue living without having a dread of death. No one wants to die even when one is in terrible condition. For example,take a look at people with HIV/AIDS . They are in a terrible condition in the sense that their life being at stake have made their body system vulnerable to any kind of sickness that can kill them at any time. The condition in which these kind of patients find themselves is one that they will continue to live in drugs,until they die. Read more: how to deal with guilt

What about Cancer patients? Oooh,their conditions aren't easier at all. These kind of patients continue to live in pains until they also die. In fact,the worst part of this ailment is that they know they have no cure for it, anywhere,meaning that they can die at any moment. When you go to Orthopedic hospitals,you will see what may be the worst kind of pains and conditions on earth. Some have their bones broken,while others have their spinal cord lost,or out of place.

Why do people have fear of death even when their conditions say that they would die? One will expect that since some patients no longer have hope to live as a result of their deteriorated conditions,they should stop disturbing themselves,seeking for cure somewhere else when they truly know that there is no cure for their ailment. Why do people still have fear of death? Because, life is a gift! No matter what condition one is facing,the sure truth is that as long as one still breathes the breath of life,one will always long to live life,,and have life!

 More importantly on why people fear death is that the creator of life has put eternity in the heart of all humans. So,even when the conditions says that one will die,the heart continues to be strong,hoping to  survive anyway. Life is sweet and where life itself is,no one can find it except the creator,and giver of life!!!

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