Wednesday, 25 January 2017



The Mavrodi mondial moneybox,MMM is one of the ponzi schemes which like other ponzi schemes in the world removes money from someone pocket,and fills the bag of another. While some people see ponzi scheme like MMM as a gambling, a game in which players put in their money,and  just one or more persons win it all. The Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox MMM,is not exceptional. Yes,some people gain from the scheme,especially the early starters,while many more others lose. Are there reasons why people participate in MMM?

The Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox MMM came to Nigeria at the time when the country is in economic recession. The recession brings about the rise in cost of everything,making it almost impossible for workers salaries to pay up bills and care for their needs. Thus,the advent of MMM scheme which offers their participants 30% of their cash contribution into the scheme within two weeks after they have provided support to another participants.

Another reason why people participate in MMM is because of greed. How can someone participate in a business where effort or hard work is not put and he gets 30% interest?

The participants of MMM are risk takers otherwise,none of them would ever think of participating in a business which details they do not understand,or know the managers or the locations of.
If you are a participant of any ponzi scheme such as MMM,it is either you want to get rich quick, or you want to add extra money into your pocket without working for it. This in a nut shell,is the reason why people participate in MMM.

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