Friday, 27 January 2017


Polygamy,the act of marrying more than one wife is both traditionally,religiously,and culturally acceptable. Here in Africa,Men are given the right to marry more than one wife. This is not a right given to only men whose wives can not bear children,but to any man who wants to prove that he is  a man!

Islam also have the same tradition as a religious body,accepting and giving men the right to marry as many wives as they can care for.This again is to show the supremacy of men,over women. Why then is polygamy widely acceptable?  Is polygamous marriage a trouble as people really put it?
One of the reasons why Christianity frowns at polygamy is that,God,the creator of the universe made just one woman,Eve,and gave her to Adam as his wife. God then blessed them and asked them to fill the earth with happy, healthy children. And so,in following scriptural injunction, true Christians do not marry more than one wife.

Sincerely speaking,polygamous homes have more problems than monogamous. An original adage has it that two Captains can never be in a ship. I now ask: What about two women who are more inquisitive than  ship Captains?  Take a research everywhere around the world. Do so in book pages,and in internet and find out for me where in a polygamous marriage,a man,the husband,children and wives live in peace and harmony. I bet you,hatred,envy,division, and jealousy are the things that ever thrive in polygamous marriages. Every wife is always fighting for the interest of her own children against the interest of the others. In the same family so bloodily related you will ask? Yes,and that is the trouble in polygamous family,being the reason why polygamous marriage is trouble.

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