Monday, 30 January 2017

Why teachers help their students to engage in exam malpractices

Does it surprise you to hear that even Teachers too engage in exam malpractices? Yes it does. That I know and it really should surprise you. From the head world 'teach', teachers are agent of change. They are instruction givers,mentors and role models to both younger and older generations. How can a teacher whose place is to teach moral values be in place of violating same? Something must be wrong somewhere on why teachers help their students to engage in exam malpractice.

The days when teachings are done by profession is gone. People from all walks of life now apply for teaching because of hunger,lack of employment opportunities,and due to unforeseen occurrence. It has been a normal principle for anyone aiming to teach to pass through teachers training institute where teachers are trained to obtain teaching code of conduct,and some needed skills for teaching.

More to this issue why teachers help their students to engage in exam malpractices is that some of their students are richer than their teachers. How much are teachers paid anyway to make them secure their values and worth? Many schools  pay very little salaries to their teachers than the students give their teachers who are willing to help them pass their examinations. Yes,schools and educational system have failed teachers by not paying them  attractive salaries for their sustenance. Thus,whenever,or whatever teachers could do to get extra money,they will,even if it means helping their students  to engage in exam malpractices!!!

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