Monday, 6 February 2017

can a bad person reaaly change?

Are you a parent  who has a disturbing child? Are you a child who thinks is bad beyond repairs? Yes,you do,and that is why you are in here with me.

The truth is that any bad person can change,and really change. In the first article on why a good person can turn a bad person, we see clearly that even a very perfect person person can turn bad and evil if he wishes to do so. So the question is : Are you ready to change? Is it really your desire to change? If your answer is yes,then you are already half way to success. This is because,determination to succeed lies in your heart,not in your body!

To help yourself or someone change from bad to good, try to find out why you want to change. If you don't have any reason,say you want to change because your parent are complaining about your bad behavior,then my dear,you are definitely not ready to change and you can not really change. Change,is something you must make because, it will be of many benefits to you. So,you are doing it because,you are the first beneficiary,and it will help you.

You know that whatever thing one does has its consequences. Badness is not exceptional.  The boredom and emptiness that come with it is beyond compare. What about the guilt? Of course  his conscience will not allow him any good sleep until he changes from his bad deed.

Since one's conscience does not lie or deny one his consequences,relax.If your son tells you that you will not sleep just keep calm and watch his spirit beat him till he spells the word 'change'!

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