Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Can Instinct Lie?

When I was small coming back home with my grandmother from a function,we met a man who was expressing his excitement on seeing us and my grandmother ignored him. I felt bad inside me unlike me. Each time I was passing through that path,my eyes would always gaze in that building,not  because I have a friend there,but  because of what I didn't understand or know anything about.

Sometime much later,there came a young man to me,and we became good friends,and very close. You know what I later realized? That that man who my grandmother snobbed,which I wasn't happy with,was his father. And that that house my eyes were always paying special attention to was his house as well. That was instinct for my as a child,telling me that the house my grandmother wasn't pleased with would later be my special one.

Seriously speaking,what I do not understand is whether instinct lies or not. For example,if an instinct tells you that you will be a wife to a certain man and you people are already close,will it come to pass no matter what?

I know a lady who had dated a man for more than five years. Yes their relationship had never been a smooth one  by 100%,but had been a very romantic one anyway. They always fix it up whenever they have problems,and continue in love with each other. It got to a point when the lady asked her boyfriend to leave her and let her go if he knows their relationship wouldn't lead them to anywhere,and he says she shouldn't mention it. He assures her that very soon everything will come in place and the lady kept on going with him. Later,after sometime again,the lady asked him the same question and this time,he  said they are just distance friend,and disappointed her.

According to the girl,she had been following her instinct. the inner voice which kept telling her that everything will be okay at last. So,can instinct lie? As I speak,they have been separated for more than two years and I don't know if they will still come back again or not. if they don't,their instinct would have deceived them!!!

What do you think? Can instinct lie? Will these long time separated lovers still come back as lovers again???

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