Friday, 17 February 2017

can marriage change his personality? -marriage and divorce,marriage advice,

Many studies have proved that people change continuously throughout their life time because they need different things at different time. This is to say that when one needs something,he would change pretend,or bend his character at that moment,for reasons that he wants to get something.

Does this also suggest that if your fiancee is of bad character and you love him  enough to say : 'I do', hoping he will change,will marriage change his personality?

Another study also suggest that: 'perceptions change,and attitude undergoes modification,but nature remains'! It is simple,my dear,don't be deceived. It is possible for a man to slide,his character when he wants to get certain things,making it look that he has changed,but as soon as he has achieved his aim,he goes back to his real self. Let's see an example: Your fiancee is hot tempered,every one around him knows that. You have also noticed it as he shows it from time to time,but something tells you he will change as soon as he finally marries. I ask: What will change him? You or circumstances?

Personality is very strong. It is in born in a person from birth. Personality in nature is one that one is born with,that he will die with. The only thing that one can talk about is that it is actually possible for someone to modify his personality,and control his character. If one controls his character,does it then mean that he has changed his personality? No! It will always come back after sometime.

Changing one's personality simply means changing out completely,one's original make up. The way he thinks and accepts things, the way he acts,the way he reasons and every other thing that makes him a person. Can this actually be achieved merely by marriage? Never! What you see is someone adjusting his personality,making it look appealing to the eyes,but not his personality changing!!

Changing ones personality is making one to act very unnatural,making one behave in the mirror of your mind!!!

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