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can the sin of my father affect me?-sin and forgiveness,sin and punishment,

Everyone is concerned about the effects of the sin of his parent,not knowing whether it will affect him or not. More about this worry is that even the scripture says that children will be punished by the sin of their fathers,and that that same sin will affect even the third generation. At the same time,the scripture also says that any soul that sins shall die. Are these expressions confusing? Can the sin of my father affect me? Read more: how to get free if my family history is bad

You know,we all are being condemned by the sin committed by our fore parent,Adam and Eve. Even a child born today is considered  a sinner,why because,he too is an offspring of  Adam and Eve. In what way has the sin of Adam and Eve affected us?It has brought death upon us,all of us! Does this mean that we shall also die for the sins of our own fathers? No.  Then,how can the sin of our fathers affect us? Can it even affect us?

Yes,the sin of our fathers can actually affect us,only if we tread on their path. What we mean is this: If for example,your father commits incest with your your sister,and of course you know it is a terrible sin against God and our flesh,and you don't seem to see anything bad about it,tomorrow you might likely do it as your father did. What then happens? The consequence as it happens to your father will also descend on you. For example,if your father is stoned to death for the evil he committed,you too shall be stoned to death as well for doing the same thing. This is the only way that the sin of your father can affect you.

On the other hand,if your father commits the same sin-incest,and you call it evil,hating the act of your father,only in that way will you be free from the consequences of the sin of your father. It cannot then affect you. One is because,you so hate it,and can never be a sharer of both the act,and its consequence. It is here that the expression of the scripture: 'The soul that sins shall die' makes sense. You are a living soul,as your father is a living soul. If you sin,you will die and no other person will die for you!

That again reminds me of the words of another scripture that says: 'Whatever you sow,you shall reap'. It didn't say:'Whatever you sow,your children will reap. This means that everyone will carry the consequence of his own sin.

Have you not seen a notorious family where children have different results in their life? While some succeed,having a good name,others are just like-like father like son,having the same end? Yes,it is as a result of the path that they have taken in life.

In summary,having pierced through the authority,-the scripture,taken some words from it,we could see that yes,the sin of your father can affect you,if you love what sin he has committed and do the same. On the other hand,the sin of your father can never have anything to do with you as long as you shun it,thereby calling evil,an evil!!

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