Monday, 27 February 2017

A look at celebrity and marriage-celebrity news,celebrity gist,celebrity gossip,

Why do a lot of people,we mean non celebrities feel that celebrities marriages do not last? Is it because they are celebrities?  Are celebrities not humans? Maybe you think they are spirits the eyes could  hardly see. Celebrities and marriage,how long does it last?

To start with,many people do not believe that celebrities can marry or should even marry in the first place. To them,marriage is not for celebrities. Why?  We just wonder. But surprise enough,many celebrities get married and have their own children. Yes,a good proof they are also humans.

Why do people also believe that celebrities marriages do not last? Na waoo,this is one question that the only answer we could give is that people have the eyes of impossibility of marriage success for these people. Are celebrities the only people that have failed marriages. No. In fact,celebrities marriages last as long as sustainable  marriage conditions are under control,or at least manageable.

If someone comes to your compound and dumps a refuse in it,would you watch him go free? If you are normal,and reasonable,you will definitely not. The same is with celebrities. They don't take nonsense or give stupidity a chance to live with them.
Celebrities as you well know are serious and very busy people. Their careers are their priorities you should know,and so,if by any reason they get married and their marriages seem to destroy them or put a bend to their life careers,they quit such marriages and  move on with their lives.
Celebrities marriages are as okay as any normal marriage on earth are. There is nothing wrong with them,and their marriages,as long as the other partner's love is true and genuine.

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