Friday, 3 February 2017

child exploitation in society

Child exploitation varies in type. By definition,child exploitation is the act of using a minor child for making profits. Types of child exploitation include using  children for labor,which money they will not see but which will go to the sender's purse,and other type of exploitation which involves sending  a minor child for s*xual activities which also brings money to the sender. The issue of child exploitation is associated to using children to make money for someone else. 

Parents especially ones who are not financially capable usually send their children out to live with some kind of people who claim they want to help the family,to train at least one of their children . They would promise to send the child to school or send them to acquire some skills acquisition. For this reason,the parent will gladly give their child out to them.  One will expect that these people will do as they said ,but on the contrary,they will do the  opposite.

In many big cities like Lagos,some of these children are seen hawking on the street under the sun or in the rain to make sure that the target given to them by their Mistress is met. This is a type of child exploitation in society. Again,we have found out that many children sent to live with some people are over worked as they will do both the house chores and street hawking. 

The worst type of child exploitation in  society is sending minor children on s*xual hawk,forcing them to sleep around with some kind of men for money. Can you imagine all of that?

Child exploitation in society is an act of  wickedness, and evil. Instead of sending kids under your care to any kind of school to acquire knowledge that will empower them and their  family,you end up depriving them of their fundamental human right and power. What kind of human are you??/

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