Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Does Destiny Play A Role In Marriage?

When I was small,I asked an elderly uncle how a man and a woman get to know that they would become husband and wife. Is it that God has already made a particular man for a woman and vise versa?  My uncle laughed and he said 'no' that marriage does not go by destiny,but rather,through attraction to someone,people make their feelings for the other known,it grows,and develops strong. Genuine love for each other gets deepened,before two people can marry.

 Does destiny play any role in marriage?  The reason why I asked my uncle this question was that,many times as a child,I have watched my grandmother brought a lady from somewhere for someone ,a man to marry and they later did so. I have also seen men travel a long distance and  picked their wives and ladies who go a far distance too,leaving where they grew up and still get married to people they never met before. All of these instances made me to think whether,God has made  a particular man for a woman,and that no matter where you are,someday,your  paths will cross!

B come to look at this. my uncle said that love grows and feelings generates. That there is no such thing as God having destined marriage mates to be. Yes,at a point I came to agree with that. If God arranges certain people for marriage,why is it that there are people who have not still married despite every effort they have made? Is God impartial to have given some marriage mates and others none?

Again,you and I who have been in one relationship or the other well know that,that is for the purpose of marriage! And that is the answer.  If marriage mates are destined to marry,men and women wouldn't have to search for good wives or ask questions about certain families they want to get marriage alliance with .

If however,marriage mates are destined,people wouldn't have tribulations or as much problems as they have today in marriages. In fact,there are more involved in marriage,than destiny can give!!!

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