Wednesday, 8 February 2017

domestic exploitation of children/

child abuse under his master's care.

Do you know of any child who lives with someone order than his blood relative? How many of them can you say are cared for or looking well fed? Can we boast of plenty? I doubt.And really really doubt. This is yet another article on child abuse,but we will be focused on the area of commercial exploitation of children.

Everywhere in the world,we have a number of children sent to live with one family or the other. Some of these children are taken from a very far distance to places they have never been to before,and to live with people they have never met as well. From our findings,it would surprise you to know that some parents actually send their children to people as nannies, and at the end of every month,the parents receive salaries from the masters of their children. Can you imagine that? While we are still troubled with the issue of how parents send their children to their kins men who promise to take care of them,by sending them to school and they would never do as agreed because,even the parents of such children never paid a visit to see how their children are fairing. While however we are trying to find a way to eradicate this big injustices on children,some parents are not making it funny to give a standing state on why social workers and human rights activists should move ahead. Now it is not enough that you send your child to live with someone else,it is to use her to make money. What a wicked and bad mother!

Domestic exploitation of children is a situation where children over work themselves with house chores. Children as small as they are would sweep the house and all ts surroundings,they would do the mobbing and cleaning of the house,still this children on same day would wash hips of clothes parked outside for them. What time will children who do all of these chores have for themselves to rest? To sleep? It is already accepted that their freedom has been sold to their masters.

The worst part of domestic exploitation of children  is their masters' wives. Every now and then these children would be ordered to do one thing,and before long,they would be called again and asked to abandon what they already have in hand and  do another thing.

Domestic exploitation of children does not only end in doing heavy house chores. Physical beating at any little thing or confusion the children may have is sure to attract serious beating and  injuries. Many times,too, the lives of many of these children are threatened. When they are sick,they don't talk because no one will listen to them. When they are in pains,they don't even try to show it because no one is there to comfort them. Every day the life of children who are victims of domestic exploitation is like life in the heal fire if it is real any way.

In conclusion,domestic exploitation of children is evil. It is a total denial of child's right in  all ramifications. To save the lives of children all over the world,say no,to domestic exploitation of children!!!

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