Thursday, 2 February 2017

education in adulthood? Reasons...

We surely know that it is not a normal thing for adults,I mean people who are old enough to be our mothers,fathers,uncles and aunts to be in the same school or class with us receiving the same  education. When we first see this,we wonder and ask: Education in adulthood? Where were these people when their mates were in school? Why do they just realize the importance of education at their old age? and lots of more questions.

There are definitely people whose only dream is to go to school right from their childhood,but they did not have the opportunity. These people I tell you  have the desire to become someone very important in life. In one media interview,a man in his 50's who graduated from Law school as the oldest graduant was asked why he picked up education at a very late age. In answer he says: "All my life,I have always dreamt and wanted to be a Lawyer. I didn't have the opportunity when I was young because of my poor background,but as an adult,I struggled all my life to make money,make both ends  meet,and send myself to school. Even if it has to be just one day I practice in this beautiful profession of mine,I am okay" . That is the point. Getting the satisfaction pf ones desire in life no matter what!

Apart from the above reason on education in adulthood, research has it that adult education freshens ones mind,and makes adult thing younger,and act better. Satisfying ones desire is a huge achievement one can ever have in life. The last type of adult education will be discussed in the next article,so follow along!!!

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