Friday, 17 February 2017

fantastic reasons why people leave the church-church history,church administration and management,church doctrines,

On one faithful day,under one romantic weather,a very well mature man said to me: Oh,if only the birds of the heavens could talk and say all the things that their eyes could see,then the ears would go deaf! This brief introduction is just one fantastic reason why people leave the church.

Would you say that it is in this blog diarys that you heard the news of how pastors have raped women,who came to them,asking that their pastors should pray for them to conceive children? If you are one of those women,would you still have faith in  the church?

In another report,we witnessed in Enugu state Nigeria,how four heads were buried in a church building foundation. This was exposed by a heavy wind,which blew,and lifted some pebbles from the ground,exposing the evil deeds of a pastor in the church. When this pastor was apprehended by some Nigerian police,he confessed that a native Doctor commanded him to do that in order to have many members trooping in his church,like in no other churches. If you are a sincere church goer,I ask: what would you do?

The doctrinary teachings of churches today are not helping matters. They end up leaving people confused,and tired. For example,the latest doctrine now is sowing of seed in church. When I asked what sowing of seed means,they said it is what we give God,to receive favor from him. Can you imagine this type of teaching? So our service to God is now buying and selling. If we don't give to God,we cannot receive from him. Liars! God will judge you. This is how you have sent all believers away from God. Taxing poor people,and extorting from the pockets of the rich all in the name of church. How can people go to church when they remember that they don't have money to pay tithe or sow seed? How would they ever remember the road to church when blood of innocent people are crying out there? Tell me,how would good hearted people with good conscience ever go to church where rapists dwell?

Hey,do you still want to know why people leave the church? Have your ears not heard enough?

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