Sunday, 12 February 2017

funny reasons why people get married

We all know that the one and only foundation one which marriage is built is love. Love is the only thing which can make a woman leave her family,and place to another. However,it will interest you to know that there are funny reasons why some ladies get married today.

Can you imagine a woman saying that she is tired of staying in her father's house? Therefore she is getting married in order to leave home and have her own house. To this lady I say: Sorry for you. You want to have your house and you think marriage is the only thing that can give it to you. Wait, did you also say that you are tired of staying in your own father's house and the only solution to that problem is getting married? Okay,don;t worry. When you  push yourself into a wrong man,his bad attitude will drive you out,making your eyes to be opened to reality.

I met one sweet lady in her twenty's getting married to a mature man double her age,and I said to her: Babe,I never knew that your love is like that of Juliet! You know what she  said to me? She said: You won't understand. I am tired of poverty from child till now. I need a  fresh breath. I need to have the feel of wealth and  and have a better life' . Chai,my sister. You see,your problem is not that you were born poor,but that you have a poor brain to have thought  that marriage is the only thing that can get you a better life.

There is this one that pains me so much.  They call it societal pressure. For crying out loud my dear lady, how could a gallant lady as you are every make mention of societal pressure? If any one tells you that you are too old to still be in your father's house still single,tell them that they are also too old to still be alive in this world. In fact,tell them that they should go to any market of their choice and get you your choices man. That you can't wait too!

So many reason there are why people get married. Some do so because they feel age is no longer on their side and so they just have to marry any man to have children.

All of these funny reasons why people get married do not satisfy the purpose of  marriage.

Dear lady mine,do not get married,unless you feel loved,and want to share it with the man you truly love!!!

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